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Bringing the Runescape game to a more hardcore level

RuneScape offered an intriguing twist on the traditional RuneScape gameplay, and the experimental mode caught some players' attention when we launched it in September last year. Bringing the game to a more hardcore level than most, RuneScape is a “full-loot” MMORPG, meaning that when you die, everything on you (minus any bonuses you might have that allow one or more items to stay) are dropped to the ground, whether you were taking part in PvE or PvP. To make things a bit more difficult.
The Legends' Guild is the most exclusive of all quest-based guilds in RuneScape. It is located to the northeast of East Ardougne, east of Hemenster and the south of Seers' Village. To enter the grounds of the Legends' Guild, players must have started the Legends' Quest. However, to enter the actual building, players must have completed the entire quest. Radimus Erkle is the headmaster of the guild, and he is also the start point of the Legends' Quest. PvP is available pretty much everywhere, making it a dangerous world. 
This means players essentially end up being able to police themselves, and brings about a real need to work with others to stay safe and progress. What is the best CCG? It’s not a question we’d have been asking just a few years ago, when some basic ports of paper-based systems and some minigames in larger titles were all we had access to. Now it’s one of the quickest growing genres in the world. What that means is somebody (us) needs to lay down the objective truth (subjective opinion) on which are best (we enjoy the most). 
We’ll cover everything from the biggest player in the genre today (you’ll never guess which that is), who’s porting best from paper, the up-and-comers you might not have heard of, and even what’s on the horizon. The majority of players came to it out from regular RuneScape or Old School, but soon returned to those games to resume their main adventures. I feel this was a combination of a lot of things really. A large amount of the player base just drifted back to OSRS or RS3 once the hype died down or things in the other games grabbed their attention. Others left due to things like smuggling and 1-itemers. 
The real killer was the lack of new players staying with the game combined with the natural attrition of players that a game has. Sadly players who tried RuneScape didn't stay for long. Day 1 retention was 25%, day 2 retention was 15%, by day 7 it was 5% and for a month it was 1.7% of new players stayed. Looking at the survey lots of people didn't stay because they didn't feel they could compete against high levels. The glory days of RuneScape have come and gone like the autumn breeze each year, however a recent development is looking to breath new life into the now fourteen year old browser based MMO. On September 16.
Jagex Game Studios announced the release of RuneScape, a PVP everywhere, new look-old feel version of Runescape. Was the lack of communication with the community intentional or not? If so, what lead to you guys not communicating with us at all. Today, there's a small, hardcore community that continues to play RuneScape. Unfortunately, it's just not big enough to warrant ongoing development. The updates made along the way allowed us to experiment with RuneScape's PvP gameplay systems, play around with changes to the game economy, and test out major changes to combat and equipment behaviour.
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