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Comment on the Full Skill Effect and Practicality of Assassin's Creed Odyssey Game

The Assassin's Creed Odyssey has three series of skill branches, namely warriors, assassins and hunters. Different game routines require different ways to add points. Compared with the other two abilities, the Warrior ability can perform well throughout the game, but because the Warrior damage is not easy to support too high, plus the outbreak of specific ability, the single shot damage in the middle and late stages It will be lower than Hunter and Assassin.
But because of the combination of different weapons, coupled with continuous output, defensive power, continued combat power and handsome performances, the Warrior ability is still worth investing. Forward forward through all the enemies on the path, causing a certain percentage of warrior damage, consuming one adrenalin.
Sprint breakout technique, one of the rare range skills in the early stage, after an additional attack. The CD time is not long, mainly used to make up the damage, get out of the enemy, or poison the weapon, and after the ignition, let the negative state of everyone on the line. The disadvantage is that when you are surrounded, you usually don't lock the enemy. After the release, the angle of view is easy to run away. Plus the distance is fixed. The third-class final attack is often empty. In the later stage, there is a better range of skills, and the previous ability is lacking. In the case, it can be replaced after about 15th.

Assassins Creed Odyssey Series


Strike hard to the enemy in front of you, causing certain warrior damage and forcibly repelling the enemy, not killing, consuming one adrenalin. This is a signature skill. When you use it, remember to shout This is Sparta. The classic usage is to take the higher enemy to the height and then squat down, let gravity solve the remaining problems, although if the enemy level is higher, drop Equipment can't be worn, this trick can also interrupt the action of brute force attack.
In the later period, it will only come in handy when recruiting legendary ship deputies. After using the weapon to slash the other side, switch to empty hand and then cooperate with Spartan to blow the enemy's blood to be recruited smoothly. The shock wave is full of chicken ribs. It is recommended to be 1 point. Most of the enemy will not kick in the later period.
Long press the heavy attack power, and when the weapon emits red light, cast it, and apply different heavy attacks according to the weapon type, without consuming adrenaline. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Helix Credits kindly go to our site.
LV1: no special bonus
LV2: Increase 150% damage
LV3: Reduced power storage time by 25%
The player who uses the dagger can use the short rush after the power to start the battle. However, the flying function in the demonstration film can be replaced by the Spartan kick, while the single shot damage is high, but it is easy to be evaded by the strong enemy such as the mercenary or the captain. Will be completely replaced, not recommended. The only advantage is probably that it does not take up the ability and does not consume adrenaline.
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