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Cooking is one of the most important skills in Genshin Impact

cheap Genshin Impact Account Cooking is one of the most important skills a player can utilize in Genshin Impact. Enemies can pack quite a punch and players will need a lot of cooked food on hand if they want to stand a chance against the brutal nature of Treyvat. Luckily cooking food is quite simple and can be mastered in no time at all.

You'll encounter your first outdoor cooking fire early on in the game just near the bridge that leads to the city of Mondstat. Talk to the traveler standing next to the cooking pot and you''ll get your first chance to try your hand at cooking. From that point on you can cook from any campfire you find on the world map and at most restaurants in cities like Mondstat and Liyue Harbor.

genshin impact

When you first start cooking a particular dish you'll have to cook it manually by playing a little mini-game. All you have to do is stop the indicator when it's in the right place - it's all pretty obvious. The indicator has a lighter area that's more of a yellow tone and a darker area that's closer to orange - if you hit the orange that's 'perfect' and will garner the maximum effect for your chosen dish. As well as this your 'proficiency' cooking that dish will be increased.

Each dish you can create offers different benefits to your characters. Some like Chicken-Mushroom Skewers heal large sums of health in a single use while others can revive fallen party members or increase their chances of dealing critical damage with each hit.

Lastly players need to pay attention to the status effects of the meals they make. Some meals will give increased strength while other will revive incapacitated characters. Players do not need to waste their ingredients on meals they won't use so read the effects of each meal before it is cooked. Cooked meals provide more health than raw ingredients Genshin Impact Account online and meals with status boosters can help players in heated battles.

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