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FIFA 19 Friendly Game Kick-off Mode New Game Description and New Contents of the Game

In the final live broadcast of the FIFA 18 E-sports World Cup, EA announced a lot of new content of FIFA 19. In FIFA 19, in order to improve the gameplay and retain the stand-alone players, EA updated the Kone-off game mode of five stand-alone friendly games and started tracking data. Let's take a look at what's in it.
Five Modes of Kick-off
Champions League: From the group stage to the finals, you can customize the Champions Cup game with specific visual effects, rules and so on. Provide an immersive gaming experience. Specific rules: You can use some specific rules to play the game, even without rules. Survival Mode: Whenever a goal is scored, a random player on the scoring side will be removed not including the goalkeeper. No rules, there is no offside or foul in this type of match.

New Content of FIFA 19

First Come, First Served: This mode allows you to set a custom winning condition, both for the first time Golden Ball and for the first time with 3 goals. This mode can be selected to apply to: whole, overtime or penalty. Head and volley: you can only score with a header or a volley. Free kicks and penalty kicks are counted, but other goals are not counted. Best Series: Classic matches in three or five series to determine the final winner. Home and away: The match is divided into the main away game, and the one with the most goals wins. If the match is played after two games, the team with the most goals scored will win. If it is still flat, the game will enter overtime and then a penalty shootout.
Cup final: The re-enactment of the final of the Real Cup, including the Champions League final, the European Union finals, the FA Cup finals and so on. Real jerseys, team logos, game balls and live broadcasts provide a true final experience. You can create your own FIFA 19 kick-off account to play and accumulate data.
EA announced that FIFA 19 is scheduled to release the Demo demo version on September 13th next Thursday, and all Xbox One, PS4, NS, PC platform players can play. In this demo version, players will experience the basic gameplay of the full version of the game. There will be as many as 700 teams in the full version, including the Super League, and 13 of them can be played in the Demo. The full version of FIFA 19 is scheduled to be released on September 28, landing on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch, PC version of the Origin platform. The pre-purchase champion version and the ultimate version can be played three days in advance.
The ball is the key to the 19th, the ball has changed dramatically, it has become more silky and smoother, and good players such as Neymar will dominate the game. If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info regarding FIFA 19 Web App Unlocked Account kindly visit our website. The difficulty of passing the ball is greatly increased. The imbalance will pass the ball. If someone is oppressed, the pass will fail. You can't play table tennis like FIFA 18.
Summary AI has weakened a lot and the game has been greatly improved. If the defensive player does not stand well, it will be easily passed by the good players. The Kick off goal still exists and the goalkeeper is weakened. Some players also began to guess who would choose the same popular football game FIFA 19 as the cover of the latest series.
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