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FIFA 20 Almost Certain to Have a Presence

Death, taxes, and FIFA's annual release schedule are all that you can count on these days and while we don't know whether this year's entry in the long-running football franchise will be named FIFA 20 or FIFA 2020, it's a safe bet that it's coming. While the game sells millions every year, we made a list of all of the features that we'd love to see EA Sports implement this year. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to FIFA 20 Coins kindly pay a visit to the web site. For one, custom kits would be great it always feels strange to wear another team's jersey when constructing your dream team. We'd also love the option to view more of our players' stats in the menus other than simple goal and assist tallies. It'd be a small touch, but we'd like to compare our midfield maestros to work out which has the better passing stats, for example.

Son leads the Fifa 18 and Fifa 19 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo by 1,500 votes on Sunday, although both players are level on 17 per cent of the overall vote. Barcelona and Argentina maestro Leo Messi, who was on the cover for four editions from Fifa 13, is in third position, with 16 per cent of the total vote. The next edition, FIFA 20, will be released later this year and gaming community website FifPlay has asked its users which player they want to see on the cover of the annual series. The results so far have called on fans and media to lobby game publishers EA Sports to include Son on the cover. Tottenham Hotspurs South Korean striker Son Heung-min leads the way on a vote for the next cover star of the Fifa video game series.
FIFA 20 update 1.13 is now live on PC and EA Sports has now detailed what new in the released patch notes. The latest update can be now downloaded on PC and will be soon available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. A bug which allowed players to add multiple versions of the same player's card in FUT Transfer Market has been fixed. Match outcome of some disconnects in Division Rivals has been changed. Apart from that, changes have been made to the faces of Bayern Munich players.
In this regard, some professionals of eSports and demanded an improvement and a greater role for the skills of each player in managing the game. For this, the dynamics of the game have been refined so that there is greater balance and greater harmony of the player's movements. In fact, it is sought that for certain players, the way of driving the ball, giving a pass or shooting on goal is increasingly similar to reality. In short, it is difficult to see the same movement or repeated play and that the player's experience is more and more complete. Little by little we get to know more details about what we will find in the new FIFA 20. If we already discussed how some players speculated about the valuation they deserve in the new edition, we can now know that there will be new licenses that will allow us to live the arcade soccer game in a more real way.
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