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Guild raids Molten Core in WoW Classic ,and has outrageous loot luck

A guild has teamed up in WoW Classic for the first raid Molten Core, the Molten Core. They found two bosses of some of the rarest items in the MMORPG - in the same round, within a few minutes.

What did the players find? As the guild "BLaDE of KiLL" today, am19. September, knocked through the molten core, they also fought against the two bosses Garr and Baron Geddon.

Both bosses have the chance to drop extremely rare items: the left and right shackles of the Windseeker.

Both items have only a few percent chance of dropping at all. Already Garr had the first bondage:

The guild was delighted with the loot and some players and users joked that now also the second hamper could fall to Baron Geddon. Otherwise many guilds sit for weeks otherwise.

The joy of the guild was accordingly great, when the fetter really fell:

 BLaDE of KiLL may not be the first to conquer the Molten Core, but they are certainly one of the first guilds to get a legendary weapon in WoW Classic.
Donneraan the wind seeker in WoW Classic

What are the bonds good for? The bindings in WoW Classic complete the quest "Donneraan the Windseeker". Thunderan can be summoned with ten Elementium Bars and the Essence of the Fire Lord.

Donneraan is another boss you must defeat with your raid, and then rewards you with the legendary weapon Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

wow classic

The two bindings are mostly the items that block the progress for the corresponding quest. Because the essence is a guaranteed drop and the bars can be made, which is costly, but usually takes less time than many Raid evenings.

This is the famous weapon: Thunderfury can be worn by warriors, rogues, and hunters, and is especially popular with Battle Rogues, Fury Warriors, and Guardian Warriors.

It deals neat damage and is used by tanks to create more aggro on groups as it triggers a Chain Lightning by chance.

Thunder anger also became a meme. The exclamation "Did Someone Say [Thunder Rage, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Blade]?" Became legendary for igniting the envy of other players and trolling them.

Thunderfury is just one of the three legendary weapons that will be available in WoW Classic. The others are the two-handed mace Sulfuras and the staff Ati'esh. The latter will be available only with Naxxramas.

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