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Krunker Krunkies The game ‘’ is literally the Counter Strike of the “io” saga. Taking as a reference one of the main and essential titles of multiplayer games and shooters in the history of video games '' immerses the player in a multiplayer game in which two teams must compete to score the maximum possible number of points . But how do you get those points? Very simple: killing your enemies.

Things like story and character aren’t important to .io games by and large and continues this venerable tradition. In you are a person with a gun and you must fight other people with a gun until your score is higher than theirs. This oversimplification isn’t intended as a criticism though; it’s quite nice to go into a multiplayer experience where the goal is simply to win and there aren’t any extra objectives for one’s team to completely miss (lookin’ at you Overwatch).


With weekly updates over 15 million registered accounts and over 30,000 custom games is now one of the most popular challenging browser games.

The highlight of,you can feel that the game is very light KR you can play directly on your computer or smartphone. Manipulating on the computer is like all FPS games from moving or aiming.

We’re hard-pressed to think of a criticism for if we’re honest. For what it is it delivers a consistently satisfying and fun experience that’s easy to get into and hard to master. The game has full mod support too so if there’s anything you think is missing from when you play it it should be fairly easy to remedy this if you’re of a technical mind. is a surprisingly accomplished shooter with a nice simple feel and a wealth of classes to s

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