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Minecraft has basically killed nearly all Chromebook support

Buy Minecraft Coins Minecraft. The joy of millions of children around the world and the thorn in the side of those who own a Chromebook. Ever since Chrome OS began dominating the classroom students have been looking for a way to install the wildly popular game on their Chromebooks. For a short-lived time Minecraft was actually available from the Google Play Store and could be installed on Chrome OS but a couple of months ago Microsoft decided to pull the plug on that. You can stall grab Minecraft for $6.99 on your Android phone but it won’t even show up in the Play Store on a Chromebook. Granted there are other options. You can always play Classic Minecraft online or you can install the Linux version and play that way but it’s a little janky and definitely not user-friendly.

Before we go any further yes you need to own the Android Play Store version of Minecraft. Once you install the flatpak you’ll be prompted to connect your Google account that is attached to the Play Store and it will check to make sure you have the license. Don’t try to cheat the system. If you’re serious about having Minecraft on your Chromebook fork over the $7 like a good gamer. If you have purchased Minecraft you can now move on to the next steps. First you’ll need to make sure you Chromebook is setup and ready to run Linux apps. Check out this article on getting started with Linux before you move on to the next steps.

While there's no cost involved there is risk: Users must remove any current version of Minecraft they're alreadyCheap Minecraft Coins running and export their "worlds"; otherwise those will be lost. Also players on the beta edition won't be able to play in the same worlds as other players not on the test version. Users with the Windows Store version are advised against running the beta edition since that could introduce connection problems and cause the loss of worlds already created.

The Minecraft Bedrock Launcher is a third-party flatpak that acts as a middle-man for Linux and the apk for Minecraft. Similar to Wine this package creates a compatibility layer for Minecraft to run properly with little to no loss of game quality. From the project Discord:

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