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Rainbow Six Siege Next Defender Has Been Revealed

An image depicting Rainbow Six Sieges next defender has been revealed, giving us a closer look at the new operator for Y4S2. A picture of the character, named Warden, appeared on Uplay last night, and was captured by Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber CoreRoss. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to Rainbow Six Siege Boost kindly pay a visit to the web site. Its only a glimpse, but the photo is the closest look we've had at the new character, who is a US Secret Service agent. A tweet earlier this week showed us the back of both Warden and new attacker Nokk, but the new image offers much more detail. Wardens wearing the suit and tie combination that you'd expect from the Secret Service, as well as what appears to be a bulletproof vest.

Ubisoft has stated it's "top priority" to address an epidemic of game-breaking glitches affecting its hit tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. With the cryptic Operation Phantom Sight update on the horizon, players have surfaced an assortment of in-game glitches exploiting its shield-bearing Operators. The exploit affects defensive Operators equipped with a deployable shield, binding the stationary cover to the head while retaining full visibility and mobility. It makes offending players immune to upper-body damage while dropping into the prone position only amplifies this effect.
The trailer begins with identifying Nkk as an Attacker before cutting to an underground location. Though the video occasionally glitches out, the shimmering outline of a person can be seen. It appears as if Nkk has some form of cloaking technology, which makes her nearly invisible save for a Predator-like outline. Later on in the video, Nkk stops moving and completely disappears, which may imply that she can go fully invisible while going prone or remaining motionless. The trailer ends with a close-up of Nkk, but her hood shrouds her face from view. A new trailer for Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed, detailing the first of the two Operators coming to the game in the upcoming Operation Phantom Sight expansion. The new trailer (which can be watched above) showcases Danish Jgerkorpset Operator Nkk and teases her unique gadget ability.
As Rainbow Six Siege begins its transition from the burnt skies of Australia to Operation Phantom Sight, Ubisoft has shared its latest Designer Notes for gadget reworks coming in the near future. Most notably, Glazs powerful thermal scope will soon be modified to nerf his entry fragging power. Glaz will now have to stand completely still to get the most out of his thermal scope that highlights enemies through smoke. Moving his feet will progressively dim the the bright yellow highlight until it turns off completely, represented by the yellow notches on the side of the scope in the gif below.
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