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Roblox surpasses Minecraft and reaches 100 million users per month

In these places it may not be as well known, but in the United States it is a mass phenomenon. Roblox has one of the most staunch communities that exist, and has just demonstrated it once again.

Roblox Corporation CEO David Baszucki has announced that the title already has no less than 100 million active users per month. The company has decided to celebrate it within the game itself, where they give users an exclusive accessory on the occasion of this figure.

    We started with Roblox about a decade ago with the vision of bringing people from all over the world through the game. Roblox started with only 100 players and a handful of creators who inspired each other, giving rise to this stream of creativity, collaboration and imagination that continues to grow.


In case anyone does not know it, Roblox is an online game that depends a lot on the content generated by users. You can create your own server and customize it as a game space, or even chat only, that other players can access.

In that sense, in addition to the fact that the majority public of both are children, it has many similarities with Minecraft. In fact, Roblox has surpassed the game of Mojang in terms of active users. At least taking into account the latest figures offered by Microsoft, which stood at 91 million.

However, Minecraft has been experiencing a surge in popularity in recent times, with many youtubers returning to the classic sandbox of the cubes. It is likely that in the coming months he will be able to fight that 100 million figure against Roblox.

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