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Runescape game is an MMORPG game with a twist

Runescape game is an MMORPG game with a twist - it forgoes orcs and rat infestations for a fantasy world influenced by Chinese and Japanese mythology. From the martial artist classes, the costumes and the different areas to the various enemies you encounter, it all has a pleasant and refreshing Asian look and feel. Like any game MMO it's an absolutely enormous task to cover it all, but I'm going to endeavour to break what Runescape game brings to this crowded genre. 
Do you enoy crashing your enemies with brute force as a Destroyer, or do you prefer beating them with a series of lighting fast combos as an agile kung-fu master? The seven different classes offered by Runescape game all have distinctive and unique play styles so you are bound to find one that suits you well. The UK’s biggest charity gaming marathon weekend organised by SpecialEffect, the charity that helps people beat physical disability to enjoy video games, begins tomorrow Friday 26 th February. 
After Runescape had gone to sleep, having shaped the world. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends works in similar fashion to the notorious card game Munchkin, Playing free games online can be one of the most fun and entertaining to spend free time. However, with so many games to choose from, it’s often difficult to actually decide which game to spend your time playing. Well, we’ve got the solution. Here, we present our list of the top 27 free games online you should be playing right now. Ready to start gaming? 
Check out the list below! pitting two players against each other as they attempt to build their chosen character (or Legend) with the best armor, weapons, and abilities before they face off in a duel at the end of their journey. Until then, both Runescape game characters trot alongside each other through five pages, each Runescape game with four battles or encounters that the players choose from cards within their hand all at once. 
Why would anyone want to be a host if its so expensive? Hosts make 5% of each stake they win so in the long run after months of playing they can earn back what they paid. For example: Host 1 takes 1m from a player and wins, he then pays out 1.9m thus making himself 100k. The average host doesn't stake 12 hours a day so the claim of making billions a day is false because to make 1000m/day profit that host would have to of won 20B worth of stakes to pay out. 
Thanks for the news bits on the game - I've been sharing them with my brother who used to play it often with a semi religious vigour back in his high school days. To be honest, a lot of the additions, like a new storyline quest called Siske’s Countdown, something called The Gower Quest (named after the original creators of RuneScape), and the end of a the 12-year long (!) Vampyre quest series meant nothing to us. But at the very least it was impressive evidence of the game’s claims to being constantly updated. Of course, since it’s free the simplest thing for you to do is just try it out yourself, via the client here. He'd try to convince me to get into it; but alas, I was never fully convinced.
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