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Runescape Legends has an image problem

Runescape Legends has an image problem - it's an online card game set in the universe of a popular and long-running MMO. As such it's bound to draw parallels with Blizzard's own behemoth deck-builder, Hearthstone - a game it actually has very little in common with. It’s full Steam ahead today for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends as the CCG-meets-tabletop game not only launches but launches on Steam. To celebrate, devs will start a multi-hour streaming extravaganza at 1:00 p.m. EDT, showing off the various game modes, offering tips and tricks, and more. 
A lot of this has been as the result of your feedback through our forums, sub-Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t contributed yet and have something to say about the game, good or bad, let us know – we’re listening! You don’t have to wait until then, however, to hear about what to expect as the game leave beta behind; I sat down with Senior Designer Peter Brisbourne to chat about life, launch, and everything. Well, at least the launch. 
The grand concept of Chronicle is that Legends from the Runescape universe are duelling each other via a magical storybook on which each match takes place. It’s cosy like a fire lit log cabin full of St Bernards, each one carrying a more luxurious brandy on its collar than the next. Characters all have the appearance of tabletop models, and their animations are endearingly evocative of an unseen hand picking them up and bashing them into each other. 
If you played Chronicle in open beta, you won’t notice any huge content changes in the launch version; the sixth legend, Morvran, won’t join the roster until summer. The alterations to most systems, like card crafting, happened already throughout the betas. What you are more likely to notice is a decrease in bugs and increase in stability. With each Legend having their own characteristics and play styles, the depth and complex strategies and tactics that are on offer to players within Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. 
Your also find a deep, detailed crafting system with over 270 cards available to players to collect and sort into epic desks. Since launch we’ve added more cards (including our first batch from Old School RuneScape), balanced existing cards, improved the experience for new players, increased victory rewards, and squashed plenty of bugs along the way! Something we’ve been really happy with is the amount of positive reaction from both press and players. It’s been awesome to see more and more players streaming and engaging with the game on Twitch – keep them coming! 
And don’t forget to tune in to our own live stream every Wednesday afternoon at 5pm BST, plus our community streams throughout the week. Simple, players build up their RuneScape Legend by battling through different cards which reward the player with coin, armour, or attack points. Players then complete each chapter (hopefully) undefeated by their own deck, to come face to face with their opponent in a battle to the death. How you play your hand determines how well you fair against your opponent in the final stand-off.
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