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Runescape player discovering they have the power of dragons inside of them

The endgame, Jagex hopes, is that this new, high risk, high reward economy will foster an entirely new way to play the game. Runescape Players could form clans where those who are good at combat can protect a group of players who are good at mining while they gather valuable resources. Others can act as bodyguards, protecting traders as they travel from one Grand Exchange to another. Just before you die a wild dragon appears from the clouds and destroys everything in its path. 
Everyone then forgets you exist and focuses on killing the dragon, thus you make your escape through a cave. You are then lead on the main quest which has the Runescape player discovering they have the power of dragons inside of them. The XP Tracker was moved from the Interface menu to the RuneMetrics menu on 22 February 2016. The button for the XP Counter was originally a circle with the text "XP+". On 13 April 2010, a day after the main release, the XP Counter icon was changed slightly and the "XP+" was simply changed to "XP".
On 25 May 2010, Jagex changed the XP Counter reset button and made it so that a player had to right-click the XP Counter button and choose "Reset XP Total". This cleared up previous frustration, as players were able to unintentionally reset their counter by an accidental left click on the box. Aesthetic wise, Skyrim is like a more modern and polished version of Runescape. You control your character in first or third person view while dual wielding your weapons. 
Enemies tend to ambush you while you’re not looking, often times in groups in an attempt to get the upper hand. The majority of these enemies are residents of Skyrim but there are also wild animals that will attack you, mainly packs of wolves or if you’re really lucky a grizzly bear. Every action you perform grants experience points in the governing skill. Want to be a better fire mage? Cast more fireballs. We're very much hoping these things happen in Runescape game, but we're not trying to force them," Gold ore is a type of ore that can be obtained by mining gold rocks, requiring a Mining level of 40 or higher, and granting 65 experience. 
Gold ore can be smelted through the Smithing skill at level 40, granting 22.5 experience (or 56.2 with goldsmith gauntlets), to form a gold bar. The gold bar can then be crafted to make various pieces of jewellery, or smithed to make a gold helmet (requires Between a Rock... quest) or a golden bowl (requires Legends' Quest). Crowley said. "We have the benefit of all the systems that exist in RuneScape, we already have a full system that's fleshed out. We want to see if players can set up a clan, set up somewhere in the world, and dominate a particular location that is a source of certain resource, and then you pretty much own that resource.
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