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Runescape players has the chance to write the fate of Legends

RuneScape Legends has begun, as Jagex today confirmed the next generation card game will arrive on Steam on Thursday 26 th May – just two weeks from today. Ahead of its launch, players logging into the game’s open beta to experience Chronicle ’s unique battle of wits, strategy, and combat between now and 23:59 BST on Sunday, 15 th May, will be gifted three free card packs to bolster their collection. RuneScape Legends will launch on Steam in seven languages: English; French; LATAM Spanish; German; Polish; Russian; and Brazilian-Portuguese.
At the start of the game, players are dropped into a server where they're free to interact with other adventurers, embark on eschatologically pertinent quests, or work on their wood chopping skills. The fact that you could play it without having to install any software meant it got a big following in schools, people could play it in their lunch hours, play it when they got home, play it in libraries, and I think that really helped the spread. Paul himself is testament to the potential for meaningful real life relationships to form in game. He himself met his wife in Gielinor, and he wasn't the first. 
These emotional bonds built through RuneScape are the greatest defense against people who argue that the enormous amount of time players sink into MMOs are wasted hours. The game's lead designer David Osborne says. To sit there and say that I'm just sitting there with a solo mindset, pumping hours into a game that gives me nothing back is dismissive of the social aspect. RuneScape will always be that comfy warm glove, or gauntlet, that you can slip on whenever you want to and just return to old friends.
I vividly recall RuneScape sweeping across my own high school, hijacking IT lessons and eating into valuable free time. During those primitive early days of the Internet, many used it as a glorified chat client. You'd log on first and foremost so you could talk with your friends, if you happened to slay a dragon or two while doing so then all the better. The key thing with Chronicle is that the core gameplay isn’t really comparable to any other CCGs [Collectible Card Game] out there at the moment, and that was really important for us starting out, is that we didn’t want to make a game that was the same as any other game. We didn’t want to say, ‘
Oh, okay, we could make a RuneScape version of, you know, Hearthstone or Magic,’ that’s not what we wanted to do, because, you know, that’s not what we’re about. RuneScape Legends gives players the chance to write the fate of Legends from the world of RuneScape in a battle of wits, strategy and combat where lives are gambled on the turn of the cards. It’s a game where two rival Legend adventurers are seeking victory and both are equipped with the tools to trip the other up.
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