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Spider-Man Miles Morales will lands November 12

Spider-Man Miles Morales Skill Points Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is less of a sequel to Spider-Man on the PS4 and more a spin-off. Rather than focusing on Peter Parker it concerns the name in the title. It’s also a shorter game at around eight to 10 hours for the main campaign. But fear not as Spider-Man is kept busy with side missions and of course being the friendly neighborhood hero.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been a colossal collaborative effort between all of us here at Insomniac Games PlayStation and Marvel Games as we deliver Miles’s first starring role in a video game and bring his world to life on the PS5 console and PS4. Telling the story of Miles Morales rising to the challenge of becoming his own Spider-Man has been an incredible honor and great responsibility for us.

 Marvel's Spider Man Miles Morales

Miles — and for that matter the game itself — remains somewhat in Peter's shadow. Part of that is due to the similarities between the two hero origin stories: the trauma of losing loved ones in the line of fire (Miles' father Jefferson Davis vs. Peter's uncle Ben Parker) helped shape both young men into the protectors they would eventually become — something the makers of the 2018 film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse play with to great effect. It's also partly by virtue of the repeating story beats from Marvel's Spider-Man which saw someone close to Peter his mentor and boss Dr. Otto Octavius secretly being the villain pulling larger strings in a battle against the executive of a major corporation Oscorp's Norman Osborn. Without giving too much away — Buy Spider-Man Miles Morales Skill Points but still noting a mild spoiler warning for those who wish to go in with a largely clean slate — a similar situation plays out with Miles in this game.

While it's not clear what quest or side-quest was happening -- though the video does say "side activity," which makes it sound like it's a completed side-quest near a barbershop called Caleb's Clean Cuts in Harlem around Christmas time -- it does seem that through completing it Miles "strangely" becomes a street-lamp which is particularly odd to watch as the Spider-Lamp web-blasts/soars through the cityscape skies on his way to Hell's Kitchen.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales lands November 12 for PlayStation 4 and 5 with preorders open now.

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