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The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is holding a ton of new specials and events for the next two months to celebrate its First Anniversary

Netmarble's hit game, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, is turning a year old this March. The game is holding a ton of new specials and events for the next two months to celebrate. While the gamer released in March, developers want to make sure that fans can celebrate for longer.

It's called The One Festival and sees the addition of SSR 'The One' Escanor, who will be available via The One Festival Drawn. They are one of the most powerful characters to appear in The Seven Deadly Sins, which is reflected in their abilities here.

Starting today, SSR “The One” Escanor – one of the most powerful characters to appear in The Seven Deadly Sins – is now available to collect via ‘The One Festival’ Draw. The new character imparts an effect that increases all stats by six percent at the start of an allied turn, cancels debuff effects when a player’s three effect is lost, and grants debuff immunity for one turn. “The One” Escanor’s Ultimate Move is also capable of inflicting 864% extra damage, along with additional death damage, to a single enemy. In addition, Players can collect [Light of Hope] New King Arthur by completing “The One Festival” event mission.

Other in-game events and updates in the two-month parade include:
  •     The One Festival Special Mission: Players who complete six missions during festival period will earn various rewards and in-game items including “Sunshine” Holy Knight Escanor, [Collector] Great Mage Merlin, [Kungfu Master] Fighter Diane, and SSR [Light of Hope] New King Arthur.
  •     Demonic Beast Graeon Special Boss Battle: Once the new Boss Battle is cleared, players can obtain a Broken Helmet, which can be exchanged for rewards including Escanor’s costume. Escanor’s Mint Green Cheering Uniform can also be obtained after clearing a certain amount of battles.
  •     Special Recipe Event: Acquire special recipe materials through the Boss Battle, Solgres Dungeons and Hawk’s Awesome Treasure Chest to create new dishes.
  •     Hawk’s Awesome Treasure Chest: Players can collect various rewards by unlocking nine treasure chests, including special recipe materials. Luxury rewards, such as Part.2 Guaranteed SSR Tickets sand SSR Evolution Pendants, can be collected by lucky players that open the special chest.

New items have been added to the game as well such as the Special Hawk Pass. This will give players the Elizabeth Mint Green Cheering Uniform, Part.2 Guaranteed SSR Tickets, Auto Clear Tickets and Diamonds when they buy it.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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