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The Story Behind Warframes

Warframe is a phenomenon. It came to prominence around the same time as Destiny and during the early years was simply written off as a free–to-play version of it. In Warframe you play as a Tenno, a surviving race of beings and the only ones who can use the incredible Warframes. Your role is to try and take back the solar system from the horrific beings that inhabit it. No small task for sure.

This is about space ninjas. It has a simple concept, but behind loot or shooting, it’s a sci-fi tale of betrayal clem and rebellion. A long-time after in some parallel galaxy where has some origin system, the constellation of stars and planets unlike our own, this is ruled by Orokin, which means the children of light. They increased their lifespan, and sometimes they even cheat their death. They have advanced technologies.

This Orokin empire was a shining star in the cosmos with a highly advanced race that created a seemingly perfect society. Still, like all such ideal societies, the Orokin empire was littered with crazy rules and morally suspected behavior like happened in Atlantis, krypton, and the movie Truman show, which isn’t a good ending for anyone at all. They punish whoever tries to disobey them. Under their rule makes their solar system in a very disgraceful condition. Their resources dwindled. They felt that it is quite impossible for them to clean up their solar system, so they made a plan to find a new planet and start ruling over it. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Warframe Platinum from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

The Orokin created ships capable of making a technology that can travel vast distances along with bending the space-time. The reached the void, a hell space, and about to be involved in their first encounter with some mysteries. The Zartman Ten-Zero. An Orokin Ship capable of making the fold lost traveling between Saturn and the outer gates. It was assumed that the ship was lost forever, but the boat was found later in completely undamaging. Security officers went inside the ship and unable to locate anyone, but the ship was not empty.

A security officer broke his protocol and contacted one of the kids, who was injured with burns. They discovered those children were called by freaks by the Orokin as Orokin favored perfection than any other thing. So they called the children devils and decided to be executed, but Margulis, a scientist, resisted. She developed a motherly connection with the children. Ballas, an Orokin Executor, tries to convince her to kill the children, but she refuses. Margulis was then executed, but the children survived.
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