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We love giving gamers the opportunity to have adventures with RuneScape

We love giving gamers the opportunity to have adventures with RuneScape in unexpected ways and idle gaming is an ideal way to deliver this. To take it there we needed to work with the best – the makers of the breakout success Adventure Capitalist. Our partnership with Hyper Hippo will make for a surprising mash-up of RuneScape’s lore, characters and realms and idle gaming. More than a week ago, one of the biggest names in massively multiplayer online games shut down its biggest legacy server. 
The closure of Nostalrius, World of Warcraft's largest private server, displaced and dismayed thousands of players. But one of World of Warcraft's longest-running competitors, RuneScape, is in the opposite situation: Its developer has embraced fans clamoring to play older versions of the game by running a successful, official legacy server. We spoke to Mark Ogilvie and Mat Kemp of RuneScape developer Jagex yesterday, just as the studio launched what it's calling the game's biggest update in 15 years: a new client, NXT, that improves performance and revamps the massively multiplayer online game's graphical engine. 
Gone are the Java-based visuals familiar to longtime players; as seen above, the free-to-play MMO sports a new look.  Players can look forward to the joys of RuneScape questing and monster fighting seen through a very different pair of eyes, dealing with beloved characters and mortal enemies alike. The game builds on the magic found in AdVenture Capitalist, where players with little time enjoy the many benefits of playing a game that plays itself. With RuneScape: Idle Adventures, Hyper Hippo brings its hugely popular game design style to RuneScape’s fantasy world. The team’s most notable title. 
The key aspect is that you can simply walk away and let the game keep playing by itself. Once you’ve set up the early apparatus, your role is more about creating a more and more expansive machine that will simply continue to succeed on your behalf. There is no stopping these games – other than to close them down – and they will simply continue to progress and reward you. It can border on being a zero-player game. The genre started as a pastiche of the kind of reward heavy free-to-play Facebook games. Hyper Hippo’s Cody Vigue explained that “Other games will do stuff like give you daily reward bonuses, where you log back in and it’s like, ‘Hey! 
You did it! You’re great!’ Idle games are a little bit better, because all of those great choices that you made? (Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter would be an example.) In RuneScape: Idle Adventures, you’ll be controlling a new RuneScape hero on a journey to nourish the world like fishing and growing cabbage. Players will get to battle monsters and go on quests while also meeting familiar RuneScape characters. RuneScape: Idle Adventures will be available on Steam this spring with mobile versions following after. This is the first time Jagex has teamed up with an outside developer to help develop a RuneScape-themed game.
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