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Weekly Player Lineup in FIFA 19 The Tactical Recommendations and Gameplay

The number of weekly games in FIFA 19 is 30, and the difficulty is not low. To win a good reward, you must match the lineup and tactics properly. In the case that Zhousai Network has no advantage or the disadvantage is not small, it is recommended to use a defensive formation and the tactical board is conservative. For most of the friends whose gold coins are not very wealthy, the three lines can be matched with core players cost-effective cards.
The core players recommend the selection of fifa's signature players, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar does not say, at least it is De Braun Griezmann, the black card key data is flawed such as the reaction balance calm Class.
Player Lineup
The 4231-2 formation is recommended here. The front waist of 4231-2, personally feel that this is one of the two most critical points of attack and defense conversion. In my philosophy, he must have the ability to be a guest center, otherwise your offense will be weak. At the same time, the higher the physical strength of the model, the better, because you will set him back to defense, so that there are three mid-rises in front of the penalty area when defending. Hh mentality is the most recommended, if the Premier League, the Philippine Minor preferred.

Weekly Games in FIFA 19


Double Back Waist Combination
The model can't be too small, and there is a strong demand for a midfield master. One of them must pass more than 85. We are currently using the koke plus the waist of Thomas, this idea, 4231-2 If you are a rough brother in the back, it is difficult to face the ball in the frontcourt and you are very difficult to play, and the key goal in this counterattack is very important.
Speed first, the full-backs are not too thin. One of my fixed styles is Koke's long pass to find Martins this generation of midfield passers have a very good amount of advances behind them, the average player can't pass them out, Martins is the biggest surprise in my frontcourt. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Buy FIFA 19 Coins kindly go to the internet site. 30 games 17 weeks online game 8 goals and 15 assists really worth his price.
Central Defender Goalkeeper
The goalkeeper must choose the best in the league the height is recommended above 190 The tactic board is based on this self-tuning. You can set up another radical chasing time nothing is gambling, smashing on the spot, smashing people in the restricted area, this generation is finally behind, no brain is passed. Take advantage of this generation of ai, less control one-on-one. When being countered, first pull the defender to fill the position, then pull back the cdm and cam. When using the position, use the middle three-way group to accumulate the thickness before the central defender.
Position attack more to find the midfield brain we mean that every time the offense must give the ball to him, how to say, give the ball to Harvey Pirlo, do not go above the brown brother to pass empty The special large sneak attack can be promoted by the side-guard and the side-guard small range.
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