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Will Apex Legends Make a Lot of Money Like Fortnite

Apex Legends has dominated Fortnite at least on Twitch for the entire past week. First inching past it, then blowing past it by anywhere from 50 to 100% more viewership. At the time of this writing, Apex has roughly 5x the viewers of Fortnite early this morning here before the biggest streamers are playing either game. Twitch is not a full gauge of a playerbase, obviously, and Fortnite has 200 million players and had 10 million concurrents as recently as last weekend, and yet the question is still being asked.
The team-based aspect means that you can and should play along. I've spent several hours playing sessions alongside my daughter. It's admittedly cool to run across the island together, calling out when we spot encampments of enemies, or trying to find a better suit of armor for one another. After the game, we'll rehash our losses (and rare victories), often opting for just one more game. As it stands, Apex Legends charges as much as $18 for singular weapon and legend skins. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Apex Coins kindly go to the internet site. That's more than Epic has charged for all but the rarest Fortnite items, and it's particularly egregious when you consider that there's no easy way to play Apex enough to earn any of them in a realistic fashion, at least until Respawn launches its battle pass subscription service next month.
Fortnite's Summer Skirmishes later switched to the public match format that awards points for kills and wins the format that Twitch Rivals used for Tuesday's Apex Legends event. Fortnite now uses a points system based on placing in custom matches, with points also awarded for kills. Despite the troubles of the Summer Skirmish, viewership peaked at 744,000, according to Esports Charts. But Fortnite had already been on the rise for months before the first official tournament, and was preceded by a celebrity showcase and other unofficial events.
Apex Legends has the foundation to make EA hundreds of millions of dollars, or even more than a billion, just like Fortnite has for its publisher, Epic. That consists of a high-quality, free game that millions of people like to watch and play. And Apex Legends has an ecosystem where people can spend money if they want to, but, importantly, don't have to in order to win. But there are still a few areas where Apex Legends needs to pick up ground.
The Apex Twitch numbers are a bit skewed because EA's entire marketing campaign was to pay pretty much all the top Twitch content creators to stream Apex for its first few days of launch. And yet now that the campaign is over, most of them are still streaming it anyway because A the game is super fun and good and B they're getting tons of viewers by playing it, so there's no reason to stop. This is the best case scenario for what EA's streamer campaign was trying to achieve. Or you can level up to earn an additional separate currency, Legend Tokens, that only let you buy certain items.
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