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World of Warcraft has announced the game first single competitive dungeon tournament of 2021.

World of Warcraft has announced The Great Push, which is the game’s first single competitive dungeon tournament of 2021.The Great Push will offer players a new way to test their limits in the competitive scene. Instead of fighting for the best moment against opponents, World of Warcraft teams will press the keys as high as possible.

More details will be announced via their official Twitter account, and we have the preliminary details below.

    With The Great Push, our first one-off tournament of the year, we are bringing a new style of competitive dungeon running distinct from the foundations set by the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). Instead of teams fighting to beat their opponent's time, The Great Push is focused on teams pushing keys as high as they can, striving to out survive their competitors and be crowned the champion!
  •         The Great Push stands separate from the MDI. Any team of five players can register for their shot at the $20,000 (USD) prize pool!
  •         Teams will compete in the initial qualifier phase, the Proving Grounds, on May 22-23, Where teams will be given two dungeon keystone combinations to push to the highest difficulty they can reach on the tournament realm.
  •         The top six World Of Warcraft teams from the qualifier will be invited to the main tournament, where they will compete across the different Shadowlands Dungeons to push their keystones as high as possible.
  •         The winning team will be the one who has the highest overall score for dungeons pushed and will be crowned the champion.
  •         There are no pre-requisites required to play in the tournament, teams can sign up for The Great Push through May 17!

Competitions Mythic Dungeon International are held on the current patches of the Shadowlands add-on. The rules of The Great Push tournament will be slightly different from the classic series. For example, participants will be able to move away from the traditional composition of the group, which usually includes a tank, a healer and three fighters.

The prizes will be $ 8,000 for the best team, $ 5,000 for the second, 3,000 for the third, 2,000 for the fourth, and $ 1,000 for the fifth and sixth.

“The Great Push is the first time that we have really tried this, but we are already committed to holding a second unique event later in the year, so we will surely be watching what is happening here with this event and see what the things are. the community really likes them, ”Archer-Lock said.

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