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WoW Classic,Phase 6 has started

World Of Warcraft Classic Gold WoW Classic is a reinterpretation of the famous MMORPG World of Warcraft. Released in August 2019 the game allows access to the content of Vanilla with the mechanisms of the time: for example the hunter must equip himself with arrows to be able to use his bow the dungeon search is not present and neither does the Achievement system.

All of the raids you've seen from the inside in Classic so far have been relatively easy. When it comes to the experience of the PTR completely different calibers await us in the final Classic Raid Naxxramas. But first you have to get permission to enter the necropolis at all. The good news: If you want to enter Naxxramas you don't have to master an eternally long series of quests. The bad news: Those who don't have a fabulous reputation with the Argent Dawn pay admission - the worse the reputation the more steep the price.

The phases progressed separately on each realm. The first phase ended after defending 50 zones the second after 100 and the third after 150. At the end of each phase any player on the relevant realm could talk to NPCs in the capital cities to receive an item with a limited number of charges WOW Classic US Gold which granted a small scaling stamina bonus for an hour. Once a total of 150 zones were defended the invasion portion of the event ended.

Those who do not have an exalted reputation with the Argent Dawn pay admission. You can find the ticket office in the Eastern Plaguelands in the Chapel of the Light of Hope (at coordinates 81/57). Archmage Angela Dosantos has made herself comfortable there and offers (among other things) the quest The Citadel of Terror - Naxxramas. Depending on the character's reputation at the Argent Dawn she gives the entry requirements. Anyone who enjoys an "awesome" reputation briefly nods off the quest text and is allowed into the instance - for free.

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