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WoW Classic Alterac Valley Battleground primary objectives

With the official launch of Alterac Valley in WoW Classic, there's never been a better time to rediscover this iconic 40v40 battleground. This guide will cover strategy, rewards, and the story behind the battleground. Alterac Valley is one of the first battlegrounds in World of Warcraft. It was therefore one of the first to be introduced on December 11 2019. Read below to not only learn how to ensure victory and reap the rewards from this mountainous frontier, but also discover the history behind this conflict.

Alterac Valley has two simple win conditions. The first is that each faction has a General housed inside a heavily fortified keep. Once this General is slain, then the battle is won and the game ends. While this win condition is very simple, the actual act of getting to the General is not. Various towers, bunkers, and other defense points lay between your side and theirs. These points must be neutralized to move safely through the battlefield. Not only that, but various graveyards provide tactical positions to assault from and become valuable assets through the fight. Each general is guarded by various lieutenants making it almost impossible to rush him right off the bat. Each of the adds will despawn as the tower they are linked to is taken. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe WOW Vanilla Gold For Sale.

The second possible win condition is reducing your opponent to zero reinforcements. Each team starts with 600 reinforcements and then lose them in various ways. Each death of a player counts as a reinforcement lost. Each bunker or tower taken costs 75 and each captain 100. The best way to win this way is taking all the towers, killing the captains and engaging the enemy for as many PvP kills as possible.

One of the primary objectives in Alterac Valley is to summon the Elemental Lord for your faction. Ivus the Forest Elemental for the Alliance, Rokholar the Ice Elemental for the Horde. These powerful NPCs can easily change the tide of battle. Summoned in the middle of the map using resources harvested from the bodies of enemy players. Once summoned the elemental lords advanced steadily towards the enemy base, dishing out extreme single target and area of effect damage.
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