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WoW Classic: The best fishing spots to earn levels and gold

Trades are an important part of World of Warcraft Classic in that they provide multiple powerful items, unique attribute bonuses, and help earn gold. One of these trades in particular, fishing, brings all this at once. Here's how to master it.

In Wow Classic, the trades are divided into two parts, the main ones and the secondary ones. A player can only learn two primary trades but can master the three secondary trades.

Fishing belongs to the second category, which means that there is no disadvantage to learn it and that it will bring you many benefits. Still, it can sometimes be difficult to know where and when to find fish. Here is a little guide to help you in your learning.

How to fish in WoW Classic

For starters, you will have to learn the fishing spell. Each capital possessing its master of this profession, go to him to become an apprentice fisherman.

Once the skill to fish learned, you will have to buy a cane, and that's it! You can now land near any body of water to start catching fish.

Your cap will appear on the water and you only have to wait for it to splash to make a right click on it and reassemble your catch.

How to raise your fishing level?

Riding fishing levels in WoW Classic is quite simple. This is undoubtedly the most boring job of the game but also the most basic. All you need to remember is to fish in a place appropriate to your level.

From level 1 to 300, different areas will become accessible the more you progress in your profession. In this perspective, here is a map where are marked the open areas at your level. So you'll always know where to go depending on your fishing level.

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