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Yulgang Online featuring adorable characters and an action-packed storyline filled with romance and comedy

Yulgang Online is the top online martial arts MMORPG, featuring adorable characters and an action-packed storyline filled with romance and comedy!From its journey as a comic to online MMORPG, YulgangSea has always combined the mystical world of martial arts with comic art and light, airy humor. The cute characters, the beautiful pastel-tone character pics, the diverse range of emoticons, the deadly but beautiful combat skills,all contribute to the YulgangSea game experience.

The ancient Sinji martial artists had strove to dominate the lands of Murim, but with the combined efforts of Order and Chaos the clan was crushed and went long forgotten. Twenty years passed after that alliance had crushed a common enemy and rumour of a powerful treasure began to surface, rumours that lead both the factions of Chaos and Order to the Divine Temple where powerful artifacts were found. To keep the peace between the two factions, for the betterment of Murim, the factions agreed to divide the treasure equally.

However at that moment the temple began to crumble, forcing both sides to flee as they were set upon by unknown attackers, a dangerous foe that fought with the mayhem of the hells. News of this attack and the destruction of the assembled parties of both Order and Chaos travelled, forcing both clans to gather their forces and destroy the sacred place. And if you want to buy Yulgang Online (MY/SG) Items, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

The events that had happened at the Divine Temple never came to light, and the two factions grew suspicious of each other and the part they played. Now, four years later, that suspicion has broken down the alliance between Order and Chaos that had banded together against the Sinji so long ago and finally a Great War has broken out.

Even more precious are the communal experiences that players share together as they’re battling monsters, growing together like a family.The scope of this original work is complex, yet light and entertaining. From the conflict between The Order and Chaos, to the blossoming romance that takes place in the midst of this world, all the elements of the story mesh together to form a very unique and emotional journey for all players.Based on the popular comic.
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